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Zheng Xin CNY Celebration 2008
17 Feb 08

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Our Activities......

* Weekly Dhamma Discussion Classes based on well selected authors/books (Wednesdays & Sundays)

* Meditation sessions (sitting, walking or chanting)

* Retreats (inhouse or external)

* Continuous project in conjunction with Hwa Tsang Monastery; Selected Translation of The Collection of Miao Yun and other Buddhist Scriptures from Mandarin to English. Let join Us!

* Charity e.g. visit/donation to old folks home, orphanages, etc.

* Holiday trips, festive celebrations, food gatherings, etc.

* Great bi-monthly newsletter to reach out as far as possible even to members overseas!

* Weekly buddhist quotes and news on email to members & non-members who are interested in receiving these material regularly. If you are interested to get this, please let us know via the email below.

We are a non-sectarian group and view Buddhism being equal amongst all lineages. Members are free to find the most suitable practice for themselves through their own exploring and learning methods

So, if you are interested in our fellowship's simple & fun framework, please write to us for more details at zxmoderator@yahoo.com. We are happy to serve your needs.

Our Center & Activities

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Zheng Xin at NS Camp
22 May 08

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